Using CalDAV with Kolab & Evolution

I wanted to sync my Kolab calendar with Evolution – Kolab now supports this via their iRony component and setup was relatively simple.  It is still largely undocumented in their own docs, though, so here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to http://your.kolab.install/iRony/ to check that iRony is working.

1a. If you get an error like Requested uri (/iRony/) is out of base uri (ony/public_html/) then edit  /etc/iRony/ and set $rcmail_config[‘base_uri’] = ‘/iRony/‘;

2. In evolution, add a new Calendar.  Select “CalDAV” as the type and give it a name.  Enter http://your.kolab.install/iRony/ as the URL, enter your username and then click “Find Calendars” to get a list of your Kolab calendars.  Select the one you want and off you go 🙂

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